Google Cloud Platform Launches New Key Management Service

Google Cloud Platform added a new cloud-hosted key management service called Cloud KMS. Typically large enterprises (and even smaller companies) will need to manage a collection of anywhere from one to hundreds of millions of encryption keys. This key management service can be built on-premise, or in the cloud. Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS has offered cloud-based key management services for years, but Google has been slow to the race. The reason, I think, is because Google hasn’t been focused on large enterprise solutions like Microsoft and Amazon has. But this step (among many other recent ones) show that Google is starting to pay attention to large enterprise now.

The service can handle up to hundreds of millions of encryption keys and can do things like create, destroy, and rotate keys. Their service is available via their API as well as the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud KMS is now in beta and available through the Google Cloud Platform console. Pricing is $0.06 per key version per month, and $0.03 per 10,000 key operations.

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