Firebase Is Not Production-Ready; So Don’t Use It

I’m constantly drooling over new technology. That’s what we do as technologists. And when I hear about a new product, I’ll usually give it a shot. I heard about Firebase from a co-worker about a year and a half ago. He described it as a real-time database, which I had never heard of before. He said that instead of polling an API to request new data, you could instead connect straight to the database via a connection and have your web app update in real time. This sounded amazing. I haven’t worked on very many apps that required constant updating, but the idea alone was enough to convince me to try it.

34,503 MongoDB Servers Hacked and Held for Ransom

Over the past couple of weeks, 34,503 MongoDB servers have been hacked and held for ransom. Several hacking groups have been attacking public-facing MongoDB servers that have accidentally left the administrator password blank. Hackers have been deleting all of the data in the databases and leaving a ransom note behind demanding between $150 and $500 in bitcoin.